Monday, January 23, 2012

Wide Open Curtains, but Alas, Those Shuttered Hearts

Noticed a new trend of late in our fair town (fair as only a measurement of the beauty of the surroundings, for the people oft bring much more than fair to light) as the local social group of departed gather for their weekly food and feel good sessions. In a house where the lights are usually off, curtains are almost always drawn and the welcome mat extended only for those who join in their return to the law activities or who present an opportunity to be the helpful hero, on the nights of those gatherings every curtain is drawn back and tied, every light is lit and an awkward attempt to portray a "wonderful time of fellowship" is made. Me thinks, at times, that this is mostly a show for the ones who do NOT attend their celestial gatherings; to demonstrate just how wonderful things are since they departed the fold and sought pastures of their own grooming. The telling factor in all this is that this same party, who hosts this open window extravaganza now, is the one who for 13 years did not open her door to anyone except family, other than once under duress. Now it has become an almost pre-requiem for any of their events, to have all open and exposed to show their "loving, open" hearts. Unfortunately, this doesn't add up with the rest of the week exposure most in town receive of the angry, bitterly driven ruler of all things related to her kingdom. But of course those moments are dismissed as just incidental events of no consequence, except perhaps for the victims left bleeding in the streets.
Speaking of the streets...All is not well on the lawless side of the family either it appears. What one person described as a "tweeker showdown" was noted this weekend. An elder brother of the above described party and his significantly drug charged other walked down the street screaming at each other. Calls from the female half were for the male half to stay away from her family; his were to defend his actions assaulting her family female member who was attacking him...leads one to believe that drugs or alcohol were certainly a possibility. What is most likely though is that another rift within the structures of town's "whose with who" have just been rewritten again. Which will also affect the "who is hating who" groupings, which then will affect the "who is not nice to who" category, leading to a further breakdown of the "who doesn't like poor me" cult. Needless to say, things is always a changing!
Speaking of changing...
Once again the thought arises; How much change is good and how much is dangerous? At times, complete isolation from all those who have demonstrated their dislike and irritation at us seems to be a admirable goal. But then I run into the teaching Jesus made regarding enemies; to love them, pray for them, do good to them, etc. And I find good cause to seek out a definition of who is my enemy? Is that my choice or their choice that He is talking about? (in terms of who qualifies to be an enemy) Am I to mirror His actions toward those who He spoke harshly about (ie. pharisees, scribes, hypocrites) or are those the enemies He describes? Or are my enemies those who betrayed us (ie. the Judases of life)? Wish sometimes there was a checklist for some of these things!!
Speaking of things...
Time for spring cleaning (yes, I know it is the middle of winter) but there is so much junk that has accumulated over the past 30-40 years, that I believe a good sort is in order. Now to find the, read that, to MAKE the time to get it done. Hopefully, sooner than later!! Meanwhile, may my curtains never be an indication of my heart...guarding, except when it is desired to let others see our "goodness".

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