Monday, January 9, 2012

Valleys and Ridges

Spent a fair amount of time working on a roof Saturday. Seems pretty simple really...put down some tar paper, put down some metal and a few screws and voila, a perfectly secure, waterproof roof. Ah well, that is the premise anyway, at least when we started. On this particular roof, a series of four valleys creates an obstacle that requires good planning, steady measuring and a patient application of all good double-checking techniques. For each of those valleys there are two peaks, rising alongside the valley, but a different pitches. The hardest to stand on requires the metal panels to be cut to follow the lowest pitch, and the easiest to stand on requires the greatest pitch. Or in other words, the seemingly easiest provides the greatest change per length, while the hardest provides the least amount of change, but both provide the same coverage. The constant in all of this is that all the valleys and all the ridges lead to one peak. The pinnacle of this roof is the same for all angles, pitches and valleys. All the varied elements contribute to the same goal. Much like the church, not the building but the people. Many different elements, but One who stands in prominence to all. All move to the Head, to the One place of prominence, each providing different combinations but all producing the same result. All must work in conjunction with each other to arrive at the goal. All must be interlocked and connected to remain part of the covering provided. Any disengagement produces a hole, which allows the entire structure to be compromised if not corrected quickly. Done right, in submission to the head, the total result of the elements provides safety, shelter and a covering to all who come beneath it's influence, ministered to by different components, depending on where one might stand, but all in conjunction with and under the direction of the head. Some will be ridges, cutting into the storm, breaking the onslaught into manageable, directed waste. Others will be valleys, carrying away the waste and the remnants of the storms and yet others will just be the connections between the two, but ALL will produce the right result when tested if and when all are in and under the leadership of the Peak. Amazing to me at times how much life, as we experience it, speaks of the Lordship of Jesus Christ in even the simple, components of building a house. All glory and honor to You, Jesus!

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