Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cleaning out the Cupboards

Comes time when the best available solution is the removal solution. Oh, where it that easy with memory! But in light of the immediate availability of the services represented in the movie Push, where an "eraser" takes out the desired memory, a more practical everyday solution must be found. And to that end perhaps the best is just removing stuff. Take for instance those cupboards that you search through for the non existent can of "I need this right now", digging through stacks of "we'll never use it but can't throw it away" cans, or boxes of "used to be consumable food product, now experimental weevil farm". Why can't we just discard those things rather than be oft reminded of the fact we'll never use them each time we open the cupboard. A simple removal and discard would be the best all the way around. No more reminder of the useless, more room for the useful and less reminders of failed purchases. And perhaps so it should be with people. At times there are just constant reminders of those who have chosen to label us useless or are themselves contaminated and/or just plain rotten. Why do we keep them around in our visible cupboards of life to remind us again and again of their choices to leave and our inability to function with them? So, how to discard....some thoughts; first, remove all visible connections..ie. social media. Truth is, we're probably keeping them there just to satiate our lust for knowing what they might be saying about us. Time to let go of what others think, say or do.....discard now. Secondly, make it clear to those who may be in the intermediary position of knowing both or interacting with both, that we are not interested nor find it pleasant to hear about how wonderful the others are, or what exciting things they might be doing, etc. We would do the same with a friend about politics or shopping, or any number of other activities that we are NOT interested in; why not the same with people? Lastly, stay out of the discard bin. Too often, that which is discarded gets rescued at the trash can. Maybe not by us, but by someone else in the house. Making clear that what is gone is to stay gone maybe the best ahead of time; avoiding hard feelings later. 
Now to some, this would seem hard-hearted and driven by bitterness, but to those I would pose the following question. Does the fact that you have know someone at some time in the past make it mandatory that you must continue to know them forever? I would say no. An affirmative answer would mandate that anyone we've ever known, met or associated with remain in that state forever. We have plenty of folks that we've encountered in life that come and go and there is no reminder unless they reappear and life is nothing less for it. But if there is ever anyone who in the course of life we have a problem or disagreement with, we are suddenly held to a new standard that they must remain ever present and in the thought cupboard forever? I think not.....time for some discarding! Paths that have crossed, people we have known for a few years, jobs we've undertaken, hobbies attempted....time is now for some house cleaning. I think it high time to get to the place where those relationships, jobs and people which are in play be cared for properly, and those things which have remained by sheer failure to clean out the cupboard be DISCARDED!

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