Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Two Weeks; or Most of One Lifetime

In two weeks, our family will stand on the shore of Hawaii's Oahu to hear our eldest son and his bride to be exchange vows and affirm their commitment together...forever! At least, that is the prayer that his mother and I have always held. Whether they, like the world so often does, try to shorten forever into a mere clump of years will be up to them and their dependence on the Grace of Jesus. Life will assail them with all sorts of opportunities at trouble and unrest, but the Grace of God will provide all they need to weather any storm. 
Speaking of storms...
Some have sought to create storms ahead of the ones that will certainly follow. Some need to understand that this is about them, the two of them, and their desire for each other and how they will carry out their vows. As such, if they choose to stand on one foot and hop around like rabbits (which they're NOT going to do), that is their choice; its their day, we choose to honor their choice. Who goes, who isn't going is their choice as well. Its not a matter of who they like more or who they don't, but rather reflects a line they have drawn (reflective of their budget, family needs and brother's soon to ship out date). So I choose to support their choice, to protect them from others who don't and to honor what the day is about. Others will get their opportunity to celebrate with them later this year and will miss nothing; If others truly care about whose day it is, they would understand and support the two as well. If you care more about your place here...I'm sorry!
Aloha, 2 weeks from now!! 

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