Monday, July 18, 2011

July: like I like it!

Almost hard to fathom...morning mist rising from the ponds, cool soft breeze blowing gently through the trees; Can this really be July? Well, I shall enjoy each moment as best I can while it avails me the opportunity! Performed a wedding Saturday, shook hands and looked in the eyes of bitterness locked in the facade of a former friend and "so called brother" (in Paul's use of the phrase) and picked up an abundance of cigarette butts after the wedding outside the church. Retreated to the Park for the rest of the day and enjoyed a well needed nap, before closing up for the evening. Sunday presented another opportunity to deliver the Word of God, but unfortunately it seems to pass right through the ears and over the heads of most.
Found a recipe for some one's idea of a remedy...2 parts discarding the Word of God, 2 parts rebellion, dash of false teaching, stir with the affirmation of the clueless or purposely ignorant and serve to the weak and unsuspecting; pour into a container of non accountability and embellish with a good dose of something modern and soothing to the ultra-contemporary crowd and you've got a new dish of have it your own way if you don't like it God's selling dish, sadly!
Too much to do in the days ahead and much too little energy to complete all, but such is the way of this life. Laugh or cry, we're in for the long haul or the next 92 days, such as it may be. Much to be disposed of and organized....who in the world collected all this junk anyway?

A Time to Build....

According to Solomon there is a time for everything under the sun including a time to build. The dividers in our town are proceeding with a building project to have a place for their Bible Studies...or church services, such as they might be. Their current studies include: How to abandon the parts of God's Word you don't like; How to live a facade of Grace while enslaving under the Law; Living 7th day law while pretending otherwise; DIY Amputation of the Body of Christ; Good Food, Good Feelings for all and also, How to Live Unaccountable to God or anyone else.....Sadly, it is my fault that this has occurred as I must have been delirious to think that anyone would actually care about and submit to the authority of God's Word and His structure for the Church, His body. And I accept that responsibility.....

A Time to Search and A Time to Give Up....

Yep, Solomon wrote that down too! Searching has been a constant for the last 5 1/2 years every time the issues of bitterness, jealousy and envy arose among the dividers. Again, sadly the fault is mine and mine alone...Had this been nipped in the bud, many "babes" in Christ would still have a fighting chance. I can only hope that the Chief Shepherd is merciful, as this shepherd finds himself at the end. Stepping down and letting another shepherd step in has now become essential to preserve the growth in the few that are growing. The observers and churchy folks will continue to do what they do anyway, wherever they are or whoever is leading. Regardless of the choice of the others, responsibility for allowing their actions in a place of authority is mine alone, when there were (in hindsight) clear problems according to Scripture's qualifications for leaders, teachers, elders and deacons. So under this sun, the next 92 days or so will be by necessity a time of transition, consolidation and damage control. With God's grace and mercy, which I am in desperate need of , we shall make it to the end.

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