Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 91....or just another day?

 "For fools speak folly, their hearts are bent on evil: They practice ungodliness and spread error concerning the LORD; the hungry they leave empty and from the thirsty they withhold water....well said, Isaiah and they live in my town!! Oy and how I wish at times that it was simple to disappear and leave all just to be what it will be. Years of work seem to be wasted, yet in a single, unsolicited conversation someone else will throw a spark of light into what previously appeared to be near utter darkness. Someone who is getting it? Who is being inspired by the Word of God, not empowered by their own lust to do their own thing? Is it possible? This is what brings the greatest challenge...was the statement made of affirmation or deception? A stumbling block or an encouragement? I guess that depends on the source and not the speaker, so time will tell.

Speaking of Time...

Amazing gal, my wife is...29 years with her and she still impresses me often! She took the bull by the horns and wrestled it all the way to Oroville, back to Paradise and to Oroville again to lay it on Caesar's table and it appears we are on our way to building again. Three weeks will tell whether this is just another futile exercise or a productive venture with God's blessing. Although the building department could have been gentler in the fees, doing the project with the rendering of Caesar's complete seems to be the right way to go. Of course, based on past experience and futile efforts on my part, not always so sure. Gonna have to get eating on the wheaties for sure!

To Famine or not to Famine, THAT is the question....

Okay, why aren't things just cut and dry? A simple idea, seeming good at the time has now escalated into the latest, greatest vehicle of offense. When someone asked me about looking at the materials for this project, did they mean look at it, give it back and get out of the way? Or was it please do it and let us help at the fun parts? Or perhaps even, we don't want to do this, but we signed up for it and we'd like to dump it into your lap now? Either way, in my "usual misunderstanding-please help me to understand" method, I now find myself in the wrong spot again. I need to gently return this idea to its originator, but without the offense of- "here take your stuff, I don't like it" being perceived as the issue. The advice of others pulling this one in other directions hovers about in the brain as a potential issue, but then to decide and act on possibilities and "I thoughts" is dangerous as well.....so no action? But that would require continuing in the action begun and unfortunately the kids thought it was a great idea....especially the build a hut and spend the night part. Oy vey, now what???

Random thoughts...

Watched part of a video clip in which some Pakastani Talabani dudes execute 15 other Pakastani dudes because...er....well, just because. And it occurs to me that the fall of man and the sin nature is so embedded in this world, whether in Pakastan or America, that there really is no hope whatsoever....apart from Christ. With that said, the greater danger is when men THINK they have Christ, but they continue to live out the desires of the flesh and its lust just like those Talibani dudes. I'm sure they think they are just preserving the "right" way of living, doing the honorable thing and standing up for the "truth". Same with the pretend believers, for whom Christ is a nice lifestyle and a warm social concept, rather than the reality of Christ living in and directing our lives. His determination to stay the course is so far beyond the reach of the average Joe church attender. Now unfortunately the Talibani dudes have bought the lie of their father, Satan and murder is second nature to them...but is it any different from the murder of character and person that occurs daily in the "civilized" Christian circles? Who is your daddy after all????

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