Friday, March 9, 2012

That Deja Vu Experience

Oh yes, I know that everyone has probably experienced it one time or another. Science probably has many explanations for why we get that "feeling" we've been down this road before as we experience something that in our immediate memory we think we are doing for the first time. Much of what we've experienced of late resurrected many feelings of Deja Vu, but not that we had been there or done that before, but rather that the circumstances were the same, just different faces. Seeing someone walk down almost the exact path that someone else before has taken, in spite of warnings, wise council and a fairly extensive exposure to God's Word dredges us the same feelings as when we watched the first group go down the same road. The immediate tendency, because of this "deja vu" is to place the blame upon self for what they are doing, as if we could have, should have and have failed in the process of derailing them. But what I find after viewing the situations from almost every angle possible, is that they were determined to go that way; made their own decision to go that way and frankly, they resent any opposition to their chosen path. In fact, to point out the potential disaster that looms ahead is akin to a "personal attack" on their very being, and is a quick way to become the focus of their anger, envy, bitterness and future rage regardless of the reality of the error of their way, as defined by God.  I find that what was assumed, in example, that they actually assimilated the Word of God into their hearts, was a faulty assumption. Further study oft reveals that not only did the Word of God set into their hearts, but it may never have been heard in the first place. To illustrate this observation, I turn to a recent email by a former attendee (please note; did NOT say listener) who wrote about goings on in town in response to a current and still listener, who finds it challenging to watch the antics of those who parade their christianity under cover of their interpretation of the law. To dissect his statements without posting the entire speech, just a few segments will be extracted that give clear enough understanding of the subject at hand without fragmenting the context of said remark. First comes one of those statements that makes you crazy...pretty sure what was intended was "fighting a losing battle", what was written was "your (as written; you're intended) arguing a lost debt". Not really sure how that works...a lost debt? How can you lose a debt; or perhaps more importantly, how do you argue a lost debt? Not really sure. Then comes this statement, "people will always put there (sp?) feelings before Gods thats just how people r (are)". Now certainly this will happen often, but always? I think not. The first surrender REQUIRES that I put God's feelings (soft term, but lets consider it "heart" for the sake of argument) ahead of my feelings (again: heart). There is no conversion without it, there is no salvation unless it happens that way. My feelings first began in a garden and sin was born...thank God that He ended the power this sin held ALSO in a garden, and salvation meant something to me. But let's give him (the writer of said post) the benefit of the doubt. Certainly he meant most folks and not always, but was just typing on a really small keyboard :-)
So on to the next, which brings very little help to the benefit of the doubt we're trying to give. He says, "getting along is so hard because people care only what they think and then try to label it as God's divinity". Now this is heading in the right direction at first, but then makes a horrid miss-turn at the end. Yes, people do care only what they think....OUTSIDE THE PRESENCE OF CHRIST; Philippians 2:5-11 regarding the mind of Christ; and yes, people do try to label it as....and here is where he runs off the road....God's divinity??? Let's assume for the sake of rational conversation that what he meant to say is "God's Divine Will or Purpose". Now that makes sense, but NOWHERE is the Divinity of God at option here. We are certainly lost in our efforts if at any time we think that we can tie the very deity of God to our desires. But continuing to give the benefit of the doubt, let's proceed a bit further. The final comment in view is this; "God ain't childs play". Now wasn't it Jesus who set a small (infant) child in front of Him, lifted it up into His arms and stated that such is the Kingdom of Heaven? That no one could enter but they who had child like faith? Granted, God's purpose is to grow us up in the faith; from milk of the Word to meat, as Paul put it. But I find most of the attitude problems come when we THINK ourselves more mature than God is willing to agree with. We figure that we have it all figured out. Who is, who isn't and why they aren't. But in the end, I find the ONLY thing I have that matters is JESUS, period. Nothing I've ever accomplished will stand, nothing I've ever thought, taught or preached will stand of its own volition, just Jesus. And that is where I will then choose to stand!! Period!  

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