Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Mere Mistake or Another Meal for the Vultures...?

Recently was able to be front and center as a small accident has turned into a mostly minor tragedy; a few young fellows jostling while carrying plates of food suddenly became a trail of salsa, chips and stroganoff down the back of a young lady's sweatshirt in a gathering of youth. Quick apologies were made by the young men and they hastened, with some prompting, to gather paper towels and remove the bulk of the mess from the back of the hoodie. Unfortunately, the instantaneous reaction of the young lady quickly moved this from a mere accident or careless mistake and turned into a full blown incident. Many other options were available; such as laughing about it, showing grace or even just giving forgiveness in accepting the apologies of the young men. Quickly even the offered restoration of the clothing article by myself was refused and the young lady quickly and adamantly left the building. One brave young man who was involved followed her out the door to continue offering an apology was quickly turned back by a furious yelling that erupted from the young lady, who was beginning to look much less lady-like and more like others who mimic this same behavior that she also associates with. Well, when all was said and done on that evening, she was gone, the fellows quite chastised and the future uncertain for them as they all are on the same bus. Fast forward another few days in another gathering of sorts and a few of these sames folks were in close proximity, including myself and the young lady. I brought back up the issue and again offered my services to get the garment back into proper shape. By the set of the jaw; wrong question...actually wrong subject, should have let that one die!! Another few days and the young lady doesn't show up for the usual event and gathering, but instead finds refuge and commiseration with the dividers of the church. Perched on their fences, looking for the weak, injured or otherwise bent of emotion folks, they swooped down and claimed their prize. No godly instruction or wisdom on the value and God required help to show her the mature way to deal with problems and accidents, just an arm around the shoulder and a "oh, poor dear...those mean nasty folks, you just stay here and we'll keep you safe". Funny how the very same attitude the folks had themselves is the basis of their instruction for others. As when Jesus spoke the 8 woes to the pharisees, He said they'd go to no end to make a disciple and when complete they would make him (the disciple) twice as much a son of hell as they were...ouch! Like the turkey vultures of our county, perching high upon a lookout seeking what they can devour. Eating all to their own benefit, with no consideration to the fate of others. Twice as much a son of hell....don't know that I completely understand the fullness of that, but I do know that it can't be good. Bad've begun the next generation of your own little vulture clan.

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