Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Redeemed or Re-Condemned?

One of the seasonal frustrations brought to light at this time of year is observing the effects of false teachers on the muddled masses of unanchored "believers". Calling them quote, believers, unquote, because it is never quite sure whether the change of heart has happened or whether they just have put on an air of religiosity for the sake of their social environs. Under the devious direction of their wool clad wolfess, they proclaim all taboo and pagan that doesn't fit her rigid formula of religious observation. I find it rather short-sighted, foolish and perhaps even sinful to reduce the Redemption that Christ died for to a mere wisp of soul, forgetting that God's plan of redemption will include all creation. A new earth, a new heaven, enjoyment of all that God plans for eternity free from the condemnation of sin in the context of Romans 8:1. But these ignorant and foolish would rather surrender all to the power and domain of Satan...it really defies logic. We must (according to the dictates of Mara) avoid bright "Christmas" lights, even though Christ is the Light of the World and has come to shine in the darkness of man's sin and depravity so that the glorious light of the Gospel might show forth. I think rather, we should turn all the lights our electrical circuits can handle to make a bold statement that we Will shine in the dark. The only drab, dark places are those who huddle in fear of Christmas, gifts, lights and decorated trees.
Speaking of trees...
It is high time to remember that it was only the curse of sin that brought the beauty of God's creation to be used by man in their pagan practices. It is, on the other hand, the Redemptive work of Christ that allows us to be more than conquerors...I raise a tree to honor the tree's Supreme Designer, Creator and Maintainer...Jesus!! When He was crucified, He was stripped to the bare, placed before all to be mocked and spat upon. When He returns, He will be adorned in unmistakable radiance and majesty...so shall all His creation be returned to its former beauty or replaced. This tree in our house is a reminder and a proclamation of the victory Jesus made, while hanging on a stripped tree AND more importantly, it is a vivid reminder that He too will return with all enemies under His footstool!
Speaking of footstool...
Biblically, it seems to be a place where the honor is given that is due the one who rests His feet upon it. (Contrary to the model in my living room where my feet barely come to rest, before it is stolen to provide seating for the hungry, restless brood.) Just a passing observation, but all those who reduce the work of Christ on the cross to a mere passing fancy, or make common the Son of God, have a place reserved for them....UNDER the footstool. Till all enemies....hmm, not a place I'd like to test out. I will keep the Redemption of Christ foremost in my life, honoring and submitting to the One who paid the Ultimate price for me, kneeling before Him, worshiping Him alone, not the works that I can do to please God.
Speaking of pleasing God...
The most difficult way of life for a believer is total surrender to Christ. The attempt of some to live the "law" to please God is a cheap substitute for complete dependence upon Him. So much of what would seem to make my life easier (especially in matters related to putting these times behind us) are off limits, danger zones and hazardous to my walk in Christ...why?
Because He says so! Not because it is written in a series of "how to's", but because the presence of His Holy Spirit makes it plain that I must remain dependent on Him, even when it hurts.
Speaking of hurts...
Yeah, it does! Not bitterness, just pain. The constant pain of torn relationships, lost friendships and shared strivings gone....yep, it hurts. It is prodded and torn open anew oft, to my chagrin, by the deliberate avoidance of the former "friends". I know that ultimately and practically, God is in control. His reasons for what has happened will be made clear someday, but for now I must remain, as He always requires, dependent on Him. Of course, there is a choice....Condemnation. But after tasting and seeing that He is Good (& God)....I'm leaving the condemnation to those who seem to revel in it. Yes madam wolf, you may have your little flock of sheep to eat for the moment, but the price required of you in the end will be steep beyond measure. And Eeyore, for the part you've played in this much will be demanded in the final accounting! Judas and Jezebel, I know....you're just doing what you do and I wasn't paying close enough attention to recognize and stop it before it got to this. I'm sorry for that!

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