Thursday, December 15, 2011

Not nice like old so & so....

Finally, after two months the reasons begin to trickle out why the latest ones left. Now the leaving wasn't unexpected, just troubling in its timing. After giving free use of the facilities for a family run nuptial event, spending a huge effort of energy and time to get things ready for them, they decide to leave. Unfortunately, on their way out they also decided to steal a few tables for good measure (& who knows what else). But now the reason has come to light...I'm not nice like someone else and don't just let the poor kids eat on Youth Group nights if they don't show up till after the teaching part. Now this "policy" perception on their part was influenced by the statement made to several habitual offenders (ie. kids who don't want to participate in the Youth Group activities, but wait till dinner time to come in and get a free meal) that if they wanted to eat they need to show up for the whole deal. This happens to be a policy practiced by most rescue missions (which I guess must not be nice either by these folk's standard) that I whole-heartedly agree with. Our commission is to GO TELL, not go feed. Jesus's demonstrated great compassion on a group of 5,000 people and fed them, AFTER they had been following Him for days....same with the 4,000. Social gospelist love the feedings (nothing wrong with feeding needy, lonely folks) but stop way short of sharing the Gospel, so as not to offend. Our church was commended recently by a habitual customer of the feedings; 6 days a week free lunch and 1 night free dinner. He was impressed that we would come down and feed them; something he doesn't need,  he just likes the company. Oh yeah, nope,  he's never found Jesus in a personal relationship there, just sure likes those church free meal programs. Anyway, compounding the troubling nature of this latest "offense" is the fact that NEVER did one child get turned away. Each time they showed up and asked for dinner, it was given to them along with a short explanation of what Grace is....and more importantly, WHO Grace is!! So if that's not nice....sorry, there is a swine pen somewhere you're probably heading back to any moment now. Bye, bye!

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