Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Great Race to Equality....Not!

Equality is a myth.
Equality is impossible.

Equality, as a goal, began in the very throne room of heaven when Lucifer stood up and said, “I am and there is none like me”, in the Presence of his Creator, Who then escorted him to the exit and kicked his butt down from the heavens.

Equality being pursued, found Eve and Adam mimicking Lucifer’s failed attempt at godship, buying into the idea that they too; the two made into one by God, could somehow be equal to the One Who chose to not only create them but also to put them together, choosing one male and one female.

Equality, a mindset of self promotion, self satisfaction and self indulgence brought an almost universal heart set among humanity, visible to God, Who determined that the very intent of man’s heart was evil and declared judgment upon the earth. A mere 8 people away from a true equality in death, as the rising waters choked the life from the demanders of such.

Equality’s vain cry rang out loudly on the streets of the city as the men pursued their lust driven attack on Lot’s male guests; Equality’s sordid answer was seen vividly in the fire and smoke that rose in Sodom’s sundown, for death alone presents the closest grasp of equality.

Equality’s most recent symbol; the red block with white equal sign seeping from the masses of humanity onto the social media pages, provides a clear statement that man will never be satisfied, appetites never satiated and hearts never filled without the intervention of God’s redemption; God’s way, not man’s way!

Equality; a theory whose proclaimer’s say, “we don’t need or want a God, we want what we want, when we want it and we want it now”, destined to repeat it’s cycle over and over; another culture rising, then collapsing from within.

Equality; a religious attempt to mimic that which God makes in perfection, creating instead a distorted, depraved twisting of the intimacy God intended; visible in the lust fueled orgies of every human based religion apart from God and His Word.

Equality; a human pursuit creating a trail of lives littered with failure, heart ache and a never ending demand to be relieved of the consequences of their own actions, at someone else’s expense which can hardly be considered equality in application.

Equality; an idea born on the backs of a representative republic; the idea that all can be equal, when in reality few can be.
  • Equal opportunity? Some days perhaps, as long as all don’t want the same opportunity at the same time.
  • Equal access? Only as long as all don’t try to access it at once.
  • Equal pain? Never going to happen, because humanity will always shift his pain to the next person, as soon as possible.

Equality and being created equal; is this the same? No, for equality assumes the state of being equal in all things such as status, rights and opportunities. Being created equal? This confesses the existence of a Creator, a major point of dissatisfaction for the “equality” crowd and a major dilemma for all mankind. How can humanity be equal to the One Who created it? It can’t…period. Only by “removing” God from all of society (something akin to closing one’s eyes and saying the sky doesn’t exist because you can’t see it) does man have the perceived opportunity to live in equality. Unfortunately, it is only perceived because each time one group asserts their rights, another group is losing a part of theirs.

Only in the state of UN-EQUALITY can we actually function as God intends, because that is where we start and that is where we finish in life on this earth. We will never be equal to the All Powerful God, the All knowing God, the All seeing God, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is the “I AM THAT I AM”, because no one can ever prove Him otherwise or overcome Him. In this life we are fortunate to be able to see un-equality and do something about it. It requires the absence of perfection for us to turn to the Perfect One. It requires the presence of evil to see that Who actually is Holy. It allows us to demonstrate the reality of Christ by helping our fellow man, when they have less or hurt more. We are empowered to show mercy, when none exists; grace where only condemnation prevails; and love, in the constraints of the love Definer, God where humanity has substituted a cheap imitation.

The part the equality folks can’t stomach is the presence of God in the issue and the idea that He actually defined what is right and what is wrong. Sadly, history provides compelling evidence of this struggle of mankind against God and the results.
That said, there will be some equality in limited terms:
  • The equal right you have to reject Christ as Savior and Lord and the absolute consequence of an eternity without Him.
  • The equal right you have to live life how you want and stand before His judgment after death, the great equalizer.
  • The equal right you have to marginalize this as nothing more than hateful rhetoric, and be proven dreadfully wrong in eternity at your own expense.

But at the end of the day, here is how it wraps up…not so much concerned about what the Supreme Court of the United States decides; they’ve proven their fallibility many times before. The law of what is, what can be or what should be marriage decides only the human definitions of our culture in this snapshot of time. The reality of my marriage is founded on God’s Word alone; regardless of the tax implications or cultural recognitions, it had absolutely nothing to do with a church wedding, a marriage license or a governmental permission…it was and is founded upon a vow before God, lived out everyday regardless of the acceptability or unacceptability that culture may decide. So many of the questions raised about marriage and who should be able to marry today are related to the failure of marriage, not the heart of marriage. If I reject God, then I will eventually reject His template of marriage to advance my own “godship”. But at the heart of marriage the government doesn’t teach husbands how to love their wives as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for it; He does and His Word does. The laws don’t keep me from doing the right thing in how I treat my spouse with respect and love; they just provide penalties for when I don’t do the right thing. If the marriage never fails, there is no issue of child support and custody and in God’s definition, there is no reason for marriage failure. How important your marriage is often reflects how big your God is! Sadly for the church, we’ve shown that we perceived our God as not too big, as the divorce and failure rates are the same as the worlds. 

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