Monday, April 23, 2012

Incredible Peace among Turbulent Storms

Having the occasion, and using it well, to walk under the shade of the tall trees, next to the mirror glass waters of the ponds, I was reminded that in spite the incredible stillness and beauty of the immediate surroundings, a storm still rages outside the gate. Yet the choice to remain inside the comforting peace I have remains mine. I can carry that peace outside the gate, and into the storm or I can choose to "forget" what I have just been blessed with and focus on nothing but the storms that wait. I have no answers for the storms of this life, other than Jesus and He allows me to chose what I will take with me. Will I focus on the blustery wind of other's hate and indifference or will I keep the calm that He has given me in full measure? Will I allow the minute glance of a former acquaintance drive me towards despair with memories of all that used to be and what will probably never again be?  These are the choices I must make, and make well, for they hold the secret of success or depression; of victory or impending defeat of spirit. 
I glanced down along the edge of the pond and took in the sight of a beautiful rainbow trout, hovering in the crystal clear water, waiting for his next meal. He has spent his fall, winter and now the beginning of spring with the same focus; to find the next meal, to stay safe and to live his life. He probably knows nothing of the stock market or the economic failures of the day. He doesn't know who is hating who or who is pretending; especially as he has never faced a fishing lure in his lifetime. His knowledge or lack of knowledge doesn't change the intensity of the winter storms he faced, or the amount of snow, or the temperature of the water; he just knows he is hungry and must eat. So it should be in our lives. God has given everything we need, and will ever need in His will and in His time. It is up to us to CHOSE to keep our eyes on Him, to feast at His table, to meditate on His Word and to keep His will as ours. So does this example attempt to reduce our intellect to that of a fish? Not at all, but don't forget that Jesus used the illustration of a sparrow to remind the disciples that if His Father could (& does) care for the sparrow, how much more will He care for us. The issues of worry require feeding...choose this day which you will feed: the worry or the wealth of a Father who loves you and the future of what is True, Noble, Just, Pure, Lovely, of Good Report, with Virtue and is Praiseworthy!! Meditate on that, child of the King!!

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