Friday, February 24, 2012

a Forrest Gump Philosophy....

Now we've all heard the famous line from Forrest, "life is like a box of chocolates" and whether we agree with him or not, we'd probably still love to get a box of chocolates (for real). However that may be,  in recent years I've observed another parallelism of life in this same vein. The thought is this, People are like a Carton of eggs. If you don't look first, you'll get home and find some are already cracked and glued into the carton..couldn't do anything with them even if you tried; they go with the carton in the can. Others, passing the first test of visibility look good, fit right in with the rest of the eggs and seem like perfect candidates for whatever recipe requiring eggs may lie ahead. But then, upon immersion into a bucket of water turns out they are excessively gassy and beginning to rot. Without even cracking the exterior, these need discarding. Then there are those who pass both the visual inspection, the immersion test and are poised at the edge of the bowl for use in the recipe of life. One whack and low and behold they are hard boiled and completely unsuitable for anything but a salt shaker and immediate consumption. They won't blend with the other ingredients, although they do love topping salads or being the centerpiece of the h'orderves as DEVILED eggs (possessed perhaps). They are only happy when in front or on top! And then there are the, "oh, my goodness what is that" eggs. Here something else is at work; a rooster to be exact and the egg is accompanied by its own alien appearing partially developed chick. What might have been, is now not and never will be...unless you like balut (another whole dilemma in life). They get discarded too. Then there are the good eggs; passing all the tests...even though as directed by mom, we crack them one at a time into the bowl to double check (required after having your own chickens and learning the hard way that not every egg will be what you expect). These eggs are fully usable in the recipe, blending with the other ingredients to produce a finished product. Lending their nutrients, protein and yes, a little cholesterol to the mix, but becoming part of the whole with awesome results.  These are the down to earth, salt of the earth kind of folks. Takes a while to find, but worth every effort to find when you sit down to enjoy the final product produced by the Master Chef.
Oh yes, there is one more kind of egg; this is not a nice picture and once you've met one of these you are probably scarred for life. This egg appears fine, but upon touching it to perform any of the said activities (above) or explodes. It dispenses the most rotten, foul smelling liquid and gaseous substance most of us will ever be cursed with. Chemically, enough of some of the released substances would kill you in a higher concentration. Add to that the agony of cleanup and the reality that for the next few weeks you'll smell or think of nothing else (or longer in some extreme cases). May your path never cross one of these!! If you do, you will understand those of whom Jesus spoke and called whited sepulchers.  Outside white and shiny, inside dead...REALLY dead stuff. Outside a pretense of righteousness, inside pure, unrestrained evil waiting to explode. Laid right alongside the rest, but able to bring others to their same state if they can get close enough. Yes, Forrest had it right. In everything God created, there is a story and a picture of life. It's just up to us to look and learn to understand. Happy egging!!

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