Thursday, September 1, 2011

Countdown Interrupted!!

Just when I think things are headed to a screeching halt, out of the blue (literally) God intervenes and provides confirmation that the battle must continue....and so, continue it must! I've figured out long ago that to continue on with God's plan is always...I repeat, ALWAYS the best solution. I'd rather not stand in opposition to Him...EVER.

Speaking of some folks just never get it? You cannot EVER work hard enough, do enough EVER to impress God. The simplest action at the bidding of the Holy Spirit is more proof of Christ in me or you, than the frantic, determined, continual pursuit of the Law EVER will be. Sacrifice and offering He does not desire but mercy and the knowledge of God!

Speaking of the knowledge of is always amazing to me how some can dedicate so much effort and time to "study" of God's Word, and show so little understanding about what they study. Especially when mislead by a false teacher, and even more so when determined to study because of the bitterness towards others. As if they could, by effort alone, show the offender (in their eyes) how right they are. Out of context, twisted and distorted teaching just to fill the ears of the hearers with pleasant "scratching" for an itch that will never be satisfied...EVER! I wonder if the dark of their silent nights, they wrestle with the knowledge that they haven't moved any closer to "right" by all their efforts....hmm!

Speaking of hmm, or rather hmm, whop, whop, whop...the sounds of a gorgeous helicopter circling the landing spot and settling down to a picture perfect two skid landing. Yes, indeed...finally had the chance to meet the boss & his friends....great folks, great food, great fun and a great time had by all. The pleased look and positive comments were welcomed acknowledgment of a bunch of hard work and the potential for the future. I think this could be a good relationship....

Speaking of good wife. None better, no substitutes...she is a keeper for life! Great work on securing our permit for the house, now time to rev up my hammer and hit the boards. Full steam ahead....

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